Associazione Nazionale Allevatori della Razza Frisona, Bruna e Jersey Italiana

EU Laws and Regulations

  • European Community
  • label_important Pure breed breeding animals of the bovine species

    Council Directive 77/504 / EEC Journal L. 206 - 12.8.77

  • label_important DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC 10 May 1982, n. 505

    Implementation of Directive (EEC) n. 77/504 concerning pure-bred breeding animals of the bovine species. (Official Gazette No. 215 of 6-8-1982)

  • label_important EEC Recognition National Breeders Associations

    General Directorate of Agriculture - Decision 84/247 - List of Breeding Associations

  • label_important LEGISLATIVE DECREE January 29, 2004, n. 58

    Sanctioning provisions for violations of the Regulations (EC) numbers 1760 and 1825 of 2000, relating to the identification and registration of cattle, as well as to the labeling of beef and beef-based products, pursuant to Article 3 of the law 1 March 2002, n. 39. (Official Journal No. 51 of 2-3-2004).