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60-Year National Exhibition

The history and tradition of the national team, with the emotions experienced in these years, have been reported in a book that was presented on the occasion of the 2011 national team, in the belief that sixty years of this exhibition cannot go unnoticed. The idea of ​​a book was born precisely with this spirit and the desire to devote much of the space to the photographic testimony rather than the texts prevailed. Anafi owns an important photographic archive and it was therefore possible to use it for its realization. Sixty years have left an important trace of men and animals who in the ring of the "National", as everyone commonly calls it, have written an important page in the history of the National Association of Friesian Breeders; it is precisely these men and these animals that we want to represent as witnesses of the successes lived together, even among many difficulties. Tenacity and passion characterize the world of Friesian breeders, who have been able to obtain great results, also contributing to enhancing Holstein Made in Italy at an international level. This honors them and this is why the book, a historical memory of this important event, is dedicated to those who have contributed to developing the breed in these sixty years.
The book can be purchased directly from the Promotion Office in Anafi at the price of € 20.00 (VAT included) or shipped upon advance payment of € 25.20 including shipping per single volume to be carried out on the postal account n ° 14423263 registered to ANAFI - Via Bergamo, 292 - 26100 Cremona   We inform you that for the purpose of discharging the costs related to the purchase of books, where tax legislation allows, you can use the part of the postal account form issued by the Post Office as evidence. For the shipment of multiple volumes, contact the Promotion Office