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Cows Gold Medal Introduction

    GMV List (August 2021)send

  • The continuous positive results that the Italian Holstein genetics are obtaining at international level, first of all the continuous Italian affirmations at the European Comparison, the result of the happy combination of genetics and morphology that breeders have been able to combine in numerous years of selection, have pushed Anafibj to identify the cows that have contributed most to improve, both directly and through the offspring, national genetics.

    As has been done for the most representative bulls, the attribution of the title "Gold Medal" wants to reward the exceptional nature of some individuals and, at the same time, wants to give breeders the opportunity to enhance the best cows of the their farms.

    The elements that are taken into consideration for the evaluation of the cows are: production, morphology, genetic value and reproductive value. The achievement of certain results, for each character considered, is rewarded with the attribution of a "star".

    The qualification of "Gold Medal" for a cow takes place on reaching the 6th star and is inserted in the official documentation of the herd book of the breed with the initials G.M. Each cow can mature a maximum of 9 stars.

    All cows registered at least five years of age and born after 1985, the year in which the national selection program began, are subject to evaluation.

    Individual stars mature when the following results are achieved:

    1st - a production of at least 2,000 kg of useful material;
    2nd - reaching 3,500 kg. of useful material, or if at 10 years of age she gave birth at least 6 times;
    3rd - morphological evaluation of 85 points if primiparous, or 89 points in subsequent evaluations;
    4th - Excellent qualification with at least 92 points, or if the animal takes first place in the category at the National exhibition, or is the final champion in a Regional or Interregional exhibition, or if she is absolute champion in the Provincial exhibitions;
    5th - Rank 99 with at least one closed lactation;
    6th - two daughters who reach the limits set in points one or two;
    7th - two daughters who reach the limits set in points three or four; 8th and 9th - one male child rank 95 with 80% confidence.

    As with the Gold Medal for Bulls, additional stars, up to a maximum of three, will be added to the Gold Medal cows (6 stars) upon reaching individual additional qualifications.

    To facilitate identification by breeders, the possible cows G.M. (which have already reached the five stars of merit) will be marked with a single star.

    At present, cows that can boast the G.M. there are about a hundred, located throughout the national territory. This is the result of a widespread and serious national selection program.