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Introduction Bulls Gold Medal

  • GMT Ranking (January 2018)
  • In countries with advanced animal husbandry, for some time, recognition has been given to male breeding animals that have contributed significantly to the genetic improvement of their population. Even the Anafij, based on the results obtained in recent times by the national Holstein selection both in Italy and abroad, has decided to identify those bulls that, with good reason, can be counted among the best in the world. The initiative had the approval of the Central Technical Commission (CTC) of the Frisian breed, the deliberative body of the activity of the Herd Book. During the meeting of March 29, 2001, the CTC agreed with the extreme importance of awarding a recognition of merit to breeders with Rank 95 (or higher) for the current national selection index (PFT) and with a minimum 2,000 daughters in the production index. The qualification of "Gold Medal Reproducer" will be inserted in the official documents of the bull. Bulls marked with this qualification will also be awarded "stars" of merit for achieving further results, up to a maximum of three: the first when the bull has at least 60% of primiparous daughters rated Good + or Very Good; the second upon reaching 15,000 indexed daughters in Italy (according to Interbull's indications for production characteristics); the third when at least 5,000 daughters indexed by productive traits in the various countries participating in Interbull belong to the descent of the bull. The Commission has identified the following bulls with suitable characteristics for the assignment of the GM qualification. These results once again highlight the goodness of a selection program which, although very young, has achieved remarkable results both in Italy and abroad.

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