Associazione Nazionale Allevatori della Razza Frisona, Bruna e Jersey Italiana

Extraordinary Evaluations

  • In the stables registered in the National Herd Book, ANAFIJ will communicate to the breed inspectors from time to time, the times and the technical modalities for carrying out the morphological assessments also according to the resources available economies and the National Genetic Program.
  • The evaluation of the primiparous 3 times a year is also considered ordinary evaluation, if the breeder adheres to the program authorized by ANAFIJ from 01.01.95.
  • Evaluations subsequent to the first , except for the primiparas, they occur only after at least one birth from the previous evaluation. The re-punctuations are paid and are divided into ordinary and extraordinary sub-shifts out of the ordinary shift.
  • The price table for paid services is as follows: Primipare punctuation 3 times a year:
    1. stables up to 50 cows under control € 100.00 / year
    2. stables from 51 to 100 cows under control € 155.00 / year
    3. stables from 101 to 200 cows under control € 210.00 / year
    4. stables from 201 to 300 cows under control € 260.00 / year
    5. stables over 301 cows under control € 360.00 / year

Costs are halved in case of punctuation 2 times a year

  • Redeployments in the ordinary round € 2.60 / each.
  • Redeployments outside the ordinary round € 100.00 / fixed + € 10.00 / each.

ARA takes care of the drafting of the programs and compliance with the six-monthly or four-monthly deadline for the farms that have adhered to the two or three evaluations per year respectively. Replacing can be requested by breeders and is done regardless of the age of the subjects. Extraordinary revaluations outside the ordinary shift can be requested at any time but must not concern primiparas not yet evaluated.