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Genomic Analysis Request

From today, the new module relating to genomics test requests is available on the Anafij website under “Free ON-LINE services” and we invite you to use it for future requests.

It is an updated module with all the types of genomic tests available today, also integrated with the possibility of requesting tests on recessive genes.

The compilation is facilitated with the automatic loading of the Breeder's Company Name, by entering the code Company AUA.

Once the form has been filled in and sent, the data entered will be immediately available to initiate genomics test requests.

We remind you that the printing of the above form must in any case accompany the sending of the samples

to the writer.

For female subjects the price is:


€ 35,00

For male subjects the price is

Only Genomic Analysis€ 42,00
Complete analysis with index€ 92,00

Genomic analysis request modulearrow_forward_ios

The LG Office remains available to provide additional information.